Fairy Bread & More Rainbow Treats My Kids Are Obsessed With

I love rainbows. Yes, I am in my mid 30s and I still smile when I see another rainbow rendition, be it a flower lei, a set of umbrellas, or a frosted cupcake. Lucky for me, my kids love rainbows too. Rainbow drawings, rainbow markers, rainbow rocks, and yes, rainbow food. What’s not to love? It’s colorful and colorful is fun. In our house, regular meals don’t typically include a dish with all the colors of the rainbow, so when rainbow foods are served (especially fairy bread!), it’s definitely special.

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When I make fairy bread, my kids’ eyes grow so big and get sparkly. It makes my heart feel all warm and gooey. If you haven’t been introduced to fairy bread yet, its basic form is white bread with butter and colorful sprinkles, typically served at birthday parties. (Um, genius. Why bake a cake when you can just serve colorful bread and butter?!) It’s been around in Australia for at least a century. Fairy bread and related rainbow treats have been making their way stateside, and my kids can’t get enough. If you’re celebrating something, big or little, bust out some fairy bread for a quick treat, or try one of these other brilliant rainbow recipes that’ll turn any old day into something special. Check out all the rainbow goodness in the slideshow. 

Note: If you’re avoiding artificial food coloring, there are natural food coloring options out there like ColorKitchen’s cupcake coloring set ($7.99, Amazon.com), made with no artificial dyes or colors.

More Decadent Recipes:

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