These Desserts Starring Girl Scout Cookies Are Absolutely Blissful

This is my daughter’s first year as a Girl Scout. At every meeting, the troop members learn about loyalty, honesty, friendship, and kindness. They also learn how to manage a small business, provide great customer service, and strategize sales ideas. As an entrepreneurial mom, I love seeing her get this experience so early in life. And believe me, she’s gotten pretty bold about asking for a sale. I’ve promised her that we’ll buy a few boxes at the end of the sales season, and I’m already looking for lots of recipes to incorporate all those once-a-year, yummy cookies into for months to come.

You may find that five months from now, the zombie routine of grabbing a handful of cookies out of the freezer and mindlessly munching on them gets a little old (or am I just projecting?). If so, I’ve rounded up a bunch of over-the-top delicious recipes you can make with Girl Scout Cookies.  From Tagalong cupcakes to Samoas ice cream cake, you just might find yourself wanting to buy a few extra (dozen) boxes of cookies just to try out some of these culinary treats at home.


Check them out in the slideshow.

More Dessert Recipes:

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