S'mores Cupcakes Recipe

The Best S’mores Cupcakes Recipe

We have gone camping as a family every year. For whatever reason, I seem to have selective memory when it comes to our camping trips. In the winter months, I remember our trips as these fun adventures that have brought my family closer together.  In the months leading up to a prospective camping trip, my optimism is full-blown. We all look forward to days of exploring nature, hanging out at the campsite free from iPads and iPhones, followed by dinners grilled over the fire and stargazing. It sounds downright heavenly. A week before a camping trip, reality begins to set in. As I take stock of camping gear we have, what we need, and what needs to be replaced, the bills start to rack up and I try to ignore the fact that I’ve just handed over the cash equivalent of a nice hotel stay to REI. Then we hit the road (without our devices, of course) and my kids refuse to find ways to entertain themselves despite the road trip games I so thoughtfully packed. Audible whining ensues.

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Then, the camping. Past selective memories of nature, cookouts, and stargazing are in reality more like mosquitoes, burnt hot dogs, and 10PM overtiredness. Um, why did we do this again?

This year, I’ve wised up. We’re taking our camping “adventures” to the backyard, where we can enjoy the comforts of our own beds and homes if we so choose. Since we won’t have an official campfire, I’m baking the next best thing: S’mores cupcakes. They’re decadent chocolate cupcakes topped with homemade, fluffy marshmallow icing, the garnished with crushed graham crackers and a piece of milk chocolate on top. Hopefully these cupcakes will convince my kids that skipping the camping trip this year was a good idea.

As a shortcut, skip the homemade chocolate cupcake batter and go for a boxed mix instead. The marshmallow icing and toppings are what make these cupcakes truly special—make sure to make those from scratch!

Note: If can’t get your hands on American-style Graham Crackers, substitute with good old McVities Digestives or Arnotts Marie biscuits from the supermarket.


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