Father's Day Cakes

15 Father’s Day Cake Ideas

Golf Cupcakes

It’s a swing and a hit with these creative cupcakes for the dad who loves to spend his days on the green.

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GOlf Cupcakes - Father's Day

Printable Tie Cupcake Toppers

These clever printable ties tell the world’s best dad exactly how you feel. Just print ’em out, attach to a toothpick, and top any cupcake for a quick and creative celebratory treat.

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Printable Tie Cupcake Topper - Father's Day

Father’s Day Ice Cream Cakes

Dad doesn’t have to be a whiz with a wrench or a style maven to enjoy these Father’s Day ice cream cakes. Pick up a Tool Box Cake or Dad’s Shirt Cake in his favorite ice cream flavor from Baskin-Robbins.

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Baskin Robbins Father's Day Cakes

Basketball Cake

It’s nothing but net with this easy cake that’s made with Reese’s Pieces; all you need is a little patience and some time. After all, Dad is totally worth it!

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Basketball Cake - Father's Day

Super Dad Cake

Is Dad your hero? Show him with a special treat that will make him feel as though he can scale tall buildings.

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Super Dad Cake - Father's Day

Cyber Dad Cupcakes

Does Dad love to get technical? These adorable cupcakes are perfect for a tech-junkie with a sweet tooth.

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Cyber Dad Cupcake - Father's Day

Dogs and Burgers Cupcakes

Now Dad can have his burger, his cake, and eat ’em, too! What’s better than a cupcake featuring Dad’s favorite foods?

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Dogs and Burgers Cupcakes - Father's Day

Couch Potato Pop

This gorgeous cake is more a sculpture than a sweet and it captures Dad in his favorite happy place—the couch!

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Couch Potato Pop - Father's Day Cake

Family Ties Cupcakes

If Dad needs to loosen up a little , make him these cute chocolate tie cupcakes.

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Family Ties Cupcake - Father's Day

Tile Style Dad Cake

This gorgeous mosaic-style cake says it all. The best part? You don’t have to be a cake-decorating expert to pull this one off!

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Tile Style Dad Cake - Father's  Day

Handy Dad Cake

If Dad loves to tote a toolbox, this is the perfect dessert to celebrate his special day.

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Handy Dad Cake

Fast Food Fun Cakes

Let Dad indulge (just this once!) with these super cute Fast Food Fun Cakes, made from cupcakes and brownies!

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Fast Food Fun

Adventure Cupcakes

If Dad has a taste for adventure, then this rugged, Indiana-Jones inspired treat is the perfect thing to serve on Father’s Day.

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Indiana Jones Cupcake - Father's Day

Baseball Cupcakes

These cupcakes are sure to be a home run on Father’s Day. This cake-decorating project is so easy, you can even get the kids in on it.

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Baseball Cupcakes

Shirt and Tie Cake

Is Dad all buttoned-up? Help your shirt and tie guy let loose with this homemade cake that will sweeten Father’s Day.

via Wilton

Tie Guy Cake - Father's Day

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