9 Time Saving Kitchen Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

Time is one of the most critical elements in my kitchen. I definitely want everything to be done right, but just as important, I want it done quickly.  I don’t know about you, but every time a recipe calls for a large pile of minced garlic, I wince at the thought of wasting all that time chopping it to a pulp (and no, that stuff that comes pre-minced in a jar of preservatives is not an adequate replacement in my eyes).

In my never ending quest to save time, I’m constantly on the hunt for useful kitchen gadgets that save me from the most tedious kitchen tasks. Not just cool measuring cups, but new inventions for the things in the kitchen that annoy me the most.


Here are my favorites that I keep stocked in my cupboards. I’m not sure what I did without these!

kitchen scissors

These super fun pizza scissors are awesome. Pulling a hot pizza out of the oven? Instead of slicing it with you knife, along with your counter top, just cut it up like a piece of paper. Find on Amazon.

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black and silver bottle stopper

A bottle top that also chills your wine is key. This way you don’t have to worry about finding space in the fridge or freezer between pouring glasses for you and your friends. Find on Amazon.

omelette bowl

Omelets on the stove top can take several minutes—and a couple dirty pans and bowls—from start to finish. Not anymore: This handy forty-five-second omelet maker is perfect for turning out perfect omelets in record time. Find on Uncommon Goods.

white plastic vegetable chopper

Chopping vegetables can take such a long time. Use this nifty tool to make it much easier and doable in one easy motion. Find on OXO.

blue plastic garlic chopper

Chopping garlic can be so tedious. Not to mention the scent of garlic gets all over your hands. Make it easy on yourself and use this cool tool to get garlic chopped up in a jiffy. Find on Light in the Box.

corn cob in round plastic case

Some people like their corn peeled, which is no biggy. But it can be hard to do with a knife. Use this cool corn peeler instead and it will be peeled in a couple of seconds. Find on Plow & Hearth.

yellow and white egg separator

Ask any baker—separating eggs isn’t easy. There is always the chance of a little shell ended up in the mix. So use this easy egg separator and you won’t run that risk—plus, you’ll save time. Find on Crate & Barrel.

microwave egg poacher

Do you like poaching eggs but don’t want to spend time boiling the water? Use the microwave and this easy gadget. It will take a quarter of the time, and the eggs will taste amazing. Find on Amazon.

red silicone chocolate melter

Melting chocolate on the stove top can take lots of time and patience. But you can achieve the same results with the collapsible microwaveable silicone pan. It is so easy to use, and your chocolate will melt perfectly every time. Find on Organize It.

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