What’s in Season in Summer: Your Guide to Fruits and Vegetables at the Peak of Season (Plus Recipes!)

We try really hard in our household to buy fruits and vegetables at the peak of season. For one, they’re cheapest when they’re at their peak, but most importantly they taste amazing. I’ll be completely honest: hothouse tomatoes (tomatoes grown in a greenhouse) from the grocery store in December are not even allowed in our house. Blech. Even canned tomatoes in the winter months taste better, and are cheaper!

So, as the weather warms up, I’ve put together a guide to our favorite fruits and vegetables in season in summer! Find a list of our favorites, with accompanying summer recipes. And don’t forget the freezer: you can buy fruits and vegetables in bulk this summer, prep them for cooking, and save them for cooking later…you’ll be able to enjoy summer on your table well into the fall!

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