‘Elevated’ Grilled Cheese, Evaluated By a Preschooler

Cheese? I like cheese. I like grilled cheese. Crusts? No, thank you!  Daddy says it’s “the best part of the sandwich.” That’s silly. Better cut those off before things get ugly up in here. I like the cheese. I don’t like the burned part.

Saturday April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day, everybody! So last night Daddy and I took the subway uptown to Freshmade NYC, a fancy cooking facility for kids that puts my Little Tykes kitchen to shame. We’re here to taste-test some grilled cheese recipes by Kelsey Banfield, author of The Naptime Chef: Fitting Great Food Into Family Life. According to the invite, Kelsey “will demonstrate fun ways to elevate this classic favorite with some sweet and savory twists.” We shall see. (Full disclosure: Kelsey is a frequent Momtastic contributor, so Mommy says “be nice.” But, I tell it like it is, people. More disclosure: the event is sponsored by cheese maker Arla Dofino, a company that prides itself on keeping its dairy cows away from yucky hormones—something you should totally tell your Mommy the next time you’re jonesing for a cheese fix.)


Here’s how it all went down:  


Havarti Tomato & Arugula Pesto on Sourdough

Green stuff? Are you kidding me? Big pet-peeve among my pre-K demo. I can crush a whole 12-inch authentic-style wood-fired margherita pizza with fresh mozzarella all by myself (except for the crusts, of course)—but I’m not touching the basil. And, I’m not trying this sandwich, either. Take it off my plate. Daddy says the green stuff is arugula. What, is this the White House? No, thank you. I don’t like it. You eat this one, Daddy.


Havarti Prosciutto & Fig on Sourdough

No green stuff, thank you. But what’s this brown stuff in here? Daddy says it’s fig. I don’t want fig. Daddy says it’s like a Fig Newton. I don’t buy it. They call it “fruit and cake,” but it’s really a cookie. I like cookies. This looks nothing like a cookie. Daddy also says this other stuff in there is like ham. I don’t want ham. No, thank you. I’m gonna eat these grapes instead.


Havarti And Pear on Sourdough

I like this one, Daddy! It’s gooooood; creamy, gooey, a little fruity. Daddy says this cheese is called Havarti. It’s white, it’s mild — it’s like string cheese turned melty! I like cheese, and I like pear (but no peel, please). So, of course, I like this. I eat all of it. Well, except for the crust.

—as told to and interpreted by Chris Shott, his food writer father