Baked Eggs in Bell Peppers Recipe

Everyone tries to get more veggies into their diet, but it isn’t always easy. I try to include veggies in mine and my family’s breakfast so I know that we’ve gotten a good start to our day. Lately I’ve been crushing on baked eggs in bell peppers. It’s easy and elegant (hello, brunch entertaining!) but also crazy delicious. You can add all sorts of things to this basic recipe to dress it up (cheese, crumbled bacon or sausage, bread cubes), but I’m a fan of the basic method. The chips were my addition to this dish, but for those of you who are on special diets (gluten-free, no-carb, Paleo, etc.), this is a great one for you, too. I even love eating them the next day after they’ve been microwaved for a few seconds. 

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