Classic Egg in a Hole Recipe

  • Looking for a way to punch up your breakfast routine? Try out this Classic Egg in a Hole recipe. It may look complicated but I can assure you it's quick and easy! When I made it for my daughter on a recent school morning she was thrilled to see her usual eggs and toast in a whole new form. Have some fun and have a happy breakfast!

    Classic Egg in a Hole Recipe

    This Classic Egg in a Hole recipe puts a fun and easy twist on a favorite breakfast!

    Prep Time:
    Cook time:
    Servings: 1


    • country bread (or bread of your choosing): 1 slice
    • butter or margarine: 1 tablespoon
    • large egg: 1
    • sea salt: 1 pinch


    Step 1: In a small skillet melt the butter over medium - low heat. Cut a hole in the bread and place it on the butter and allow it to toast until just golden brown.

    Step 2: Crack the egg carefully into the cut out hole of the bread and allow it to cook until the whites are just set. Then, working carefully, use a thin, wide spatula to flip the entire piece of bread and egg to toast the other side.
    Egg in a Hole Recipe Step 1

    Step 3: Toast the bread lightly until the egg is just set. Serve on a plate with a knife and fork and enjoy!