challah bread

The Challah Bread Recipe You Will Swear By

Classic challah bread is delicious for just about any occasion, but it’s usually made for major Jewish holidays and special occasions. Personally, I’d like to make a loaf of challah bread to go with any meal from now on! I even used leftover challah to make the most delicious French toast! The classic braided challah bread has a six-strand braid (but you can make it with just three). It’s somewhat similar to brioche bread because it’s an enriched dough, which means it’s mixed with eggs and oil as well as a bit more sugar than most other bread doughs. Ultimately, challah is a great beginner-friendly bread to try!

challah bread challah bread

My braid was certainly not perfect, but it was the most delicious bread I’ve personally made. The crusty artisan and French loaves I’ve been making just don’t compare to this challah bread! When it’s baked perfectly, you see this beautiful dark golden color all over the loaf from the egg white wash. It’s soft and flavorful from the enriched dough.

For best results, enjoy the challah loaf when it’s still nice and warm! Serve with a little butter as a side for your favorite dinner, or slice the bread to use for sandwiches. There’s no wrong way to enjoy it, and there’s no doubt it’ll be gone quickly.

Here’s how to make your own challah bread:

challah bread

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