5 Next Level Desserts That Feature Graham Crackers

At first glance, graham crackers seem so simple. They are crunchy, sweet and…kind of plain on their own. But when combined with the right ingredients, (think s’mores) they can elevate many desserts to next level. Part cookie and part cracker, the humble graham cracker also pair deliciously with peanut butter, fruit, whipped toppings and caramel – your typical dessert staples.

Check out these easy graham cracker dessert recipes from cheesecakes to tortes to icebox treats.


1. No-Bake Snickers Pie

What does it take to make a good Snickers pie? The key ingredients are chocolate, caramel, cream and peanuts. Together, they mimic the flavors in a Snickers candy bar inside of a homemade graham cracker crust.

Credit: Momtastic

2. Funfetti Icebox Cake

Grahams crackers get cakey and soft between creamy layers of homemade cake batter pudding, fresh whipped cream, and approximately eight billion sprinkles

Credit: How Sweet Eats

3. Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars

What’s better than a delicious cinnamon graham cracker crust with two layers of cheesecake topped with an easy streusel and caramel sauce?

Credit: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

4. S’mores French Toast

The bread of this French toast is coated in graham cracker crumbs before being pan-fried for a little crunch and flavor. So. Good.

Credit: Creme De La Crumb

5. Key Lime Pie Bars

The crunchy graham cracker crust goes so well with the creamy and tart filling – making this the perfect key lime pie recipe.

Credit: Little Spice Jar

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