Fresh and Simple Baked Stuffed Apples for Dessert

Apple picking is one of our favorite fall activities. The only trick to apple picking is using up all the apples when we come home because we tend to pick more than we need. We keep some for lunches and apple pie in a jar, and we always keep plenty on hand to make our favorite dessert, baked stuffed apples.

This delicious treat is basically an inside out apple pie. It has all the goodness of pie – soft baked apples, brown sugar, a crispy topping – without the hassle of a crust. We make baked stuffed apples by carving out the apple, mixing the scooped out apples with some sugar and vanilla, then adding the mixture back in and topping it with a crunchy oatmeal crumble. Then they bake to soften and the lovely apple dessert is ready!

Want to fill your kitchen with the aroma of an amazing apple dessert? Follow my easy recipe for baked stuffed apples below:

Baked Stuffed Apples


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