Lunch Box Chicken Loaf Recipe

Make Your Own Lunch Box Chicken Loaf Recipe


Remember the chicken loaf your mum used to buy from the deli section at Woolworths? You’d get a great big handful of it in a bag and would take it home to add to your sandwiches for the week. I LOVED chicken loaf, almost as much as I loved devon. But nowadays I am a little more aware of what goes into the chicken loaf, so instead of buying it from the deli, I make my own.


I often split my chicken loaf recipe in two before I cook it up, that way one can stay fresh in the fridge, and the other can go straight in to the freezer for another week.

Be sure to have some fun with this recipe by adding in your own flavours. I added in smoked paprika (hence the ‘pinkish colour) because I love that flavour with chicken (like in this meatloaf) but instead you could add some pesto, or lemon rind or just keep it plain. It’s your choice.recipe-lunchbox-kids-school

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