Bumpkin’s Lean Mean Green Machine Juice Recipe

  • Marissa Hermer, our guest editor for July and star of Bravo TV’s Ladies of London, is also a restauranteur. She and her husband Matt Hermer own Bumpkin, a chain of restaurants in the United Kingdom. This week, Marissa shares the restaurant’s ultra healthy (and delish) green juice recipe with us. 

    As a native Californian, I grew up on juices—my childhood days were filled with fresh-squeezed pear and apple juices, and in more recent years, I’ve grown to love veggie juices. When I met my Ladies of London cast mate Julie Montagu, I found another juice lover—and rather than meeting for a coffee catchup or a cocktail gossip, we would meet over juices. As our relationship grew, and as we were going to all our local restaurants for juices, I quickly realised we needed a juicer at Bumpkin—as it made sense to meet at my own restaurant than to go somewhere else! Julie, being a wellness warrior and healthy food guru, shared her recipe for a veggie juice with me—so we now serve Julie’s Lean Mean Green Machine at all of our Bumpkins. It is easy to make at home, jam-packed full of vitamins, and incredibly alkalising.

    Bumpkin's Lean Green Machine Juice

    Jam-packed full of vitamins, we've landed on the PERFECT green juice recipe. Get it here.

    Servings: 2


    • pear: 1
    • cucumber: 1
    • celery: 2 stalks
    • kale: 2 large handfuls
    • lemon: 1
    • ginger: 1 inch piece


    Step 1: Wash all ingredients.

    Step 2: Peel cucumber, ginger, and lemon.

    Step 3: Chop the ends off of the celery.

    Step 4: Run all ingredients through juicer.


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