Teacher Creates Amazing Target Themed Classroom

Moms LOVE Target and for good reason, it has everything a busy parent needs to get through a day of modern life. And while we tend to look to Target for inspiration on how to decorate our own spaces with our own unique flairs of personality, one Nashville teacher has taken her love for Target a step further and created a Target themed classroom.

Teacher Creates Amazing Target Themed Classroom


The Target blog, A Bullseye View, recently reported that Theresa Yarber of Nashville, Tennessee went all out to turn her classroom into a Target store in order to let her kids play in a space that they are likely already super familiar with.

The teacher says she was able to find a way to infuse her love of Target with her love of teaching. “My goal as a teacher is to have the kids say they can’t wait to get to school because it’s so fun, and I knew this would be a great place to start,” Theresa told Target. “I love Target and the kids love Target.”

But what inspired her? She explained to Target, “A little girl put her dog in the cart, walked through the dollar bins with her grande latte and I was like, ‘Are you doing some shopping?’ and she said, ‘No, I’m just browsing.’ And that’s when it really came alive,” Theresa said. “Kids, imagination and a couple of everyday things. That’s all you need.”

The classroom is stunningly accurate and totally fun. She included every possible detail included realistic shopping carts, price scanners, dollar spot bins, and more.

Theresa explained to Target that her idea to use Target as a theme was really couched in her philosophy that kids should be given a chance to play and pretend with what they already know. She points out that by letting kids use imaginative play, they can figure out the real world. “It gives them a glimpse into being grown-up; you have to deal with other people, be friendly to the people serving you coffee, you have to share things,” she said.

Her advice for teachers or parents looking to create a space for kids? Let your kids be the guide. “People have been super excited about the Target space, and I tell them if you want to create something new just ask yourself—what do your students enjoy?” Theresa told Target. “Let them be your guide. Target was a great opportunity because that was something everyone was familiar with, and then I just went from there.” Talk about a fabulous idea.

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