You Can Now Order a Montessori Subscription Box

I still have fond memories of my early education experience in Montessori school. My teacher, Jane was fantastically patient and funny and she was the first person in my life to take me seriously when I said that I wanted to grow up and become a writer.

As a parent, I had high hopes of getting my children enrolled into Montessori schools but was put off by the outrageous costs in my local area and so my husband and I settled on homeschooling through preschool before registering our children for kindergarten through our local public school.

Wondering why some moms get so excited for Montesorri style learning? Well, when you consider that some of the smartest and creative people of our time were all Montessori alumni, from the founders of Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, to Beyonce and Sean Combs, it’s easy to see the allure.

So, when I heard about Monti Kids, I was all ears.

“Dr. Maria Montessori designed the Montessori method to meet a child’s developmental needs at every stage,” Zahra Kassam, Founder & CEO of Monti Kids tells Momtastic. “This is done by offering a prepared environment and precisely designed materials that present just the right amount of challenge.”

Monti Kids is a fabulous subscription service that zeros in on those rich early years of brain development between ages 0 and 3, well before preschool even begins. Monti Kids sends parents a package once every three months that includes Montessori toys, which are tailored to your child’s stage of development thus meeting your child where they are in order to appropriately challenge their skills in order to help them grow. The package also includes weekly video guides showing parents exactly how to use the educational materials as well as personalized support for parents who have questions or concerns.

Probably the best part about this service is just how hyper-focused the company is on the success of both you and your child in learning together in a positive and engaging way. Their comprehensive program doesn’t just think about rote memory facts that your child can regurgitate, Monti Kids sees your child and a whole person and addresses their cognitive, physical, linguistic, social, and emotional development, which is what helps them to determine what products and lessons you receive in your subscription package.

“From a series of mobiles that develop a range of visual skills in newborns, to rattles that are lighter than any on the market to develop grasping skills in infants, to puzzles that systematically build mathematical understanding as they progress in difficulty, Monti Kids gives children the strongest foundation for learning, and prepares them for preschool and beyond,” says Kassam.

If you’re curious to try this service out or if you have more questions, you can learn more about Montessori toys here and check out the Monti Kids Facebook and Instagram.

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