14 Gorgeous Maternity Pictures That Will Inspire Your Bump Shots

I knew I wanted to have maternity pictures taken when I was pregnant with my first daughter. We’d waited a long time for that little girl, so I wanted some professional, pretty images to capture that time in our lives. I thought long and hard about what I wanted those images to convey. I wanted my pregnancy pictures to show my personality and my joy; however, I didn’t want to look back on them years later and think they were cheesy. But, I’m a silly person, so I wanted some of my fun-loving personality to shine through the lens.

It’s amazing how many variations there are on maternity pictures. They can be as personalized and meaningful as you want. You can take photos with your partner, with your other children, or alone. You can even include your pets if you feel like they’re a part of your family. Here, I’ve gathered creative maternity pictures that include different family members, different seasons, and different moods to fit your style. Click through and get inspired!