14 Totally Great Push Presents

I’ll admit it: Push presents are important. When I waddled through the final weeks of an exhausting first pregnancy and neared my due date, I had a short list going in my iPhone of great push presents I would have loved to receive from my husband. And while I wasn’t so “pushy” as to share the list with him, I definitely perked up when he came up with an awesome push gift to give me, about a week before we welcomed our daughter. Even though I ended up having an emergency C-section, my hubby and I joked that I still deserved the present, minus the push. Trust me, you will, too — no matter how you give birth.

I received a laptop for my push gift, and it meant a lot to me as a mom who works from home. Other moms I know wished for jewelry or something else creative. Bottom line: When it comes to push gifts, the thought is mostly what counts, but the gift itself makes us feel pretty damn special at a time when our bodies are beaten up and puffy, we can’t remember the last time we slept or showered, and most importantly, we brought a human life into the world. Yeah, I’d say that warrants a little token of the significant other’s — or best friend’s — affection. Here are some cool push present ideas.

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