13 Pregnant Moms Reveal Their Craziest Pet Peeves

When I was pregnant with my son, I couldn’t stand that one of my co-workers ate super smelly Chinese food at his desk. I had the worst morning sickness ever, and I would sit at my desk and seethe with anger every time he cracked open one of those takeout cartons at lunchtime. Of course, my angst was misguided; he had the right to eat whatever he wanted for lunch (although I wish he would have taken it outside). But, that’s the thing: Pregnancy hormones make you crazy mad about the silliest things. Here, expectant moms from our community share what’s grating their nerves right now:

“Hormones are no joke! I had a fit the other day when I couldn’t find my shoes or my dog leashes. A FIT.” –Monzter79


“Toddler tantrums over things I don’t understand make me crazy — like when I didn’t put my shoes on when she wanted me to.” -thewhybird

“People who load on the perfume or aftershave. Yuck, if I can smell you before I see you lay off it already.” –lovinglife28

“Everyone telling me that 4 weeks isn’t a long time to go until baby is due (you try being THIS uncomfortable and tired and then imagine another 4 weeks of it!)!” –baileybubs

“My husband’s total inability to close a cupboard door. I can tell exactly what he’s been doing in the kitchen based on which doors and drawers are open.” –mumma123

“People in my office with smelly breath talking too much and also eating hard boiled eggs and tuna at the desk!” –gregsprincess

“The sound of swallowing, especially drinks.” –lau88

“My latest irritation is birds starting to sing as early as 3.30am waking me up and then I can’t get back to sleep!” –bubs124

“DD just got her top two teeth in and she grinds them together with her bottom two and it’s like nails on chalkboard for me!” –ajlj1126

“My annoyances lately mostly have to do with eating and breathing sounds. My husband’s snoring and my son’s allergy sniffle every 30 seconds really seem to get to me.” –busytulip

“People who don’t clear their throat when they speak and have excess phlegm in it.” –harlantr1

“People calling my phone and leaving messages.” –teamandy

“The cat wanting to sit on me constantly. It doesn’t matter how many times I throw her down, she jumps straight back up.” -mummystobe

 Photo: Getty