Overdue Pregnancy

Overdue and Going Crazy? How to Keep Your Sanity While Waiting

When you’re pregnant, one of the most exciting things about waiting for your new baby is counting down the days.  100 days to go, 50 days to go, three, two, one… but when your due date arrives and your baby doesn’t, it can feel quite disheartening. To people who haven’t been there, waiting another week or two doesn’t sound like such a bad thing but when it’s happening to you each day just drags. Help the time pass and keep your sanity with these tips

See Friends

It’s really good to keep yourself busy so making a point of seeing a friend every day if you can is a good way to keep yourself calm and occupied.  Just something simple like meeting for a hot chocolate and a chat gives you something to look forward to.

Treat Yourself

Pretty soon you’ll have a lot less time to yourself so how about a manicure, pedicure or massage to take your mind of things and help you feel good about yourself?


I always find cooking something fun like biscuits or cupcakes is a good way to relax.  Eating them is even more fun!  You, or your partner, could also cook some main meals that can be frozen, which will be so useful in those early days once the baby has arrived.


It might be a lot more difficult to have quiet moments once your baby is born so why not read that book you’ve been meaning to read?

Do A Jigsaw

Most of us have jigsaw puzzles but how many of us have actually sat down and done them all?  Putting a jigsaw together is actually really therapeutic and what better opportunity than now?

Get Crafty

You could start a photo album or scrap book with photos and notes about your pregnancy and leave the rest for when your baby arrives.  Have your partner take some photos of your belly for the album.  If you can knit, why not try knitting something for your baby?

Have a Romantic Dinner

Have a lovely dinner with your partner, either at home or at a favourite restaurant.  This is the sort of thing which will be much more difficult when your baby arrives and is a lovely way to spend an evening together.


It’s a good idea to get some extra sleep in when you can.  Using a maternity pillow or even propping yourself up can help you feel more comfortable.  Being as well rested as possible will also help you have more energy for labour.  If you’re tired but don’t want to sleep, watching your favorite DVDs can help you to unwind.

Try to avoid overdoing things and rest if you start to feel tired.  The main thing is to enjoy the last few days of your pregnancy and give yourself some really positive experiences to help you stay happy and contented right up until that wonderful moment when your little one arrives!

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