Can Carbs and Dairy Damage His Fertility?

Often, women who are trying to conceive are concerned about how diet may affect fertility, but a new parenting in the news item touting new developments out of Boston suggests that men who are thinking about, or in the midst of baby-making should be watching their plates as well.


If you and your partner want to become parents, two recent studies conducted at the Harvard School of Public Health should have your man cutting back on carbs and dairy.

Carbohydrate Study

Dr. Jorge E. Chavarro, MD, and his colleagues examined the correlation between carbohydrate intake and semen quality using data from 189 male test subjects, between the ages of 18 and 22 years. The researchers concluded that higher carbohydrate intake lowered sperm concemtration and motility in the test subjects.

Dairy Study

Another study at the Harvard School of Public Health was spearheaded by Dr. Myriam Afeiche, PhD. She also assembled a pool of 189 men and concluded that the consumption of full-fat dairy could impair sperm quality in men.  Higher full-fat dairy intake was associated with decreased sperm concentration and lower motility.