The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012

Sure, celebs can often get carried away when choosing baby names for the precious progeny (Pilot Inspektor, anyone?), but these marvelous monikers make the A-list. Find out which unique celebrity baby names have us seeing stars.


The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Keeva

We have yet to meet the mother on Alyson Hannigan‘s network sitcom, How I Met Your Mother, but this lucky actress got to meet her daughter, Keeva in July.

What it Means: This is a very unique baby name without a clear origin; some say it is related to a Gaelic name meaning gentle and precious.

Why We Love It: With a lilting, soothing sound, we think this very inventive choice deserves the limelight.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012India

This Hollywood hottie may play a superhero on the big screen, but we prefer to think of Chris Hemsworth as super-dad. His bundle of joy, India, arrived in May.

What it Means: The meaning of this name is pretty obvious.

Why We Love It: Aside from being awesomely exotic, it reminds us that there’s nowhere we woudn’t travel with hunky Hemsworth.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Penelope

It seems like the Kardashians are always on camera, but little Penelope stole the spotlight from parents Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick when she was born in July.

What It Means: This time-honored baby name is derived from Greek mythology and means weaver, because in The Odyssey, Penelope sat at her loom as she awaited her husband’s return.

Why We Love It: A name this classic never goes out of style.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Adeline

This Big Bang Theory star experienced a miracle of his own when he welcomed daughter, Adeline, into the world last May.

What It Means: A derivative of the name Adele, this innovative alias means noble.

Why We Love It: A modern twist on Madeline, we think it sounds distinct and dignified.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Blue

Megastar couple, Beyonce and Jay-Z, were anything but blue when their daughter, Blue, came into the world in January.

What It Means: No mystery here.

Why We Love It: This innovative power couple flipped the script by making a traditionally male color the name of their little lady. We just love trail-blazers!

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Maple

There’s no Arrested Development for funny man, Jason Bateman, who became dad to his second daughter, Maple, in February.

What It Means: Another straight-forward baby name pick!

Why We Love It: Because it’s just so sweet!


The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Marlowe

Super star Sienna Miller was thrilled when her first child, Marlowe was born in July.

What It Means: From the hillside.

Why We Love It: Remiscent of famed novel hero Philip Marlowe, we just can’t resist a literary label.


The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Pearl

This blessed baby girl is practically Hollywod royalty with uber-famous grandparents like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, and (now fully-grown) Jack Osbourne playing papa.

What It Means: You already know.

Why We Love It: We think baby Pearl is a precious gem, so there’s no better pick for her baby name.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Sebella

This gorgeous ingenue may star in crime thriller series, Without A Trace, but her love for new daughter, Sebella, is no mystery.

What It Means: This is a cool take on the beloved baby name Isabella, which means God is my oath.

Why We Love It: After the release of the wildly popular Twilight series, the instance of names Bella and Isabella increased dramatically. This is a distinctive twist on a trendy choice.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Etta

Television personality Carson Daly was walking On Air when he welcomed daughter Etta in September.

What It Means: Now, Daly has got something in common with Jack Osboune, because Etta means pearl.

Why We Love It: This little one has big shoes to fill; with a predecessors like Etta James, queen of soul, this baby name is fit for Tinseltown royalty.

The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Sienna

Sexy Adriana Lima may be a Victoria’s Secret Angel, but we really cherish her little cherub, Sienna.

What It Means: This Italian name is defined as reddish-brown.

Why We Love It: With a melodic sound, this sweet baby name just rolls of the tongue.


The Best Celebrity Baby Girl Names of 2012Breeze

Life hasn’t always been a Breeze for tabloid-fodder favorite, Levi Johnson, but that hasn’t stopped him from bestowing this super cool baby name onto his new daughter.

What It Means: You got it.

Why We Love It: It makes us want to just take it easy; this uncommon baby name conjures up images of sleepy, relaxing days.

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