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The Ultimate Baby Shower Checklist

Baby Shower Checklist


When I was pregnant with my first baby, I remember scheduling the doctor’s appointments, putting pregnancy books on hold at the library, and attending an infant CPR course. Let’s just say that the idea of a baby shower wasn’t even on my radar. I was so surprised when one of my coworkers decided to throw me a shower. If you’ve got a pregnant friend who is as overwhelmed (or clueless) as I was back in the day, volunteer to host her baby shower. Chances are, she’ll be too focused on the big picture to ask you to throw her a party. In case you’re new to the baby shower hosting gig, here’s a handy baby shower checklist to help you plan the ultimate baby shower.

Baby Shower Checklist: 6 to 8 Weeks

  • Set the date. Make sure the mommy-to-be and any must-have guests (her mom, sister, BFF) are all available before you pick a date. (Here’s when to have a baby shower.)
  • Choose the baby shower theme. Whether you go with a traditional vibe or a modern mood, select a theme that fits the honoree’s style.
  • Make the guest list. Decide whether you want to host an all-ladies party, a co-ed celebration, or a kid-friendly fête.

Baby Shower Checklist: 5 Weeks

  • Reserve the venue. If your party will be at a public location, make sure you book it in advance to get the date and time you want.
  • Buy and write out invitations. Verify addresses, pick out pretty postage, and get those envelopes ready to go.

Baby Shower Checklist: 4 Weeks

  • Mail invitations.
  • Plan activities and baby shower games. Decide if you want silly games like candy bar diapers and toilet paper rolls around the mom-to-be’s belly, or if you want to go with charades or something else.

Baby Shower Checklist: 3 Weeks

  • Buy party supplies. You may need to shop online to find unique supplies that fit your palette and theme.
  • Make or assemble party decorations. If you want to DIY your decor, give yourself plenty of time to do the work.

Baby Shower Checklist: 2 Weeks

  • Buy baby shower favors for the guests. Thank guests for coming with a small token of appreciation.
  • Plan the itinerary of activities for the shower, so you’re sure to have time for all of the fun.

Baby Shower Checklist: 1 Week

  • Contact any guests who haven’t RSVP’d. Perhaps their invite got lost in the mail, or they simply forgot to respond.

Baby Shower Checklist: 1 to 2 Days

  • Buy food. Designate a section of the fridge for the party food, and start to prep make-ahead dishes.
  • Set up baby shower decor. If you’re having an at-home event, get a jumpstart on decorating the day before.
  • Gather decor supplies. Set them aside to take with you on the day-of if you’re having the shower at a venue.

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