When To Have A Baby Shower

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Baby showers are incredibly special, but pinning down all the details can definitely get stressful. First and foremost? When to have a baby shower. It’s something you don’t think about until you become pregnant or are throwing a friend a shower. Here are a few guidelines to go by, so you can plan a stress-free and kick-a*s baby shower!

When to have a baby shower: Is there an ideal time?

Although this is a personal decision that can include many factors from physical and emotional to spiritual or social, generally people tend to have a baby shower during the third trimester. Some choose the 28-week mark, others closer to 35-weeks, while some go as late as 38-weeks or choose to have a baby shower after the baby has been born.


Why do some people have a baby shower on the early side?

Many women feel that having a baby shower earlier rather than later, will give them extra time to organize gifts received (from toys to diapers and clothes), and have time to shop for any additional items that were not checked off the list. The earlier the baby shower also means that the guest of honor will probably be able to travel if the shower is held out of town. Plus, she’ll probably be in a more comfortable state, physically, and therefore more likely to enjoy the festivities. However, keep in mind that it is probably a good idea to wait until the 20-week mark, when you have found out the baby’s gender (if you’re doing that) and the risk of pregnancy loss is lower.

Why do others wait until later to have their baby shower?

If you don’t plan on traveling for your shower, you may choose to wait until the end of the pregnancy. One benefit is that this will allow for extra time to keep adding items to your registry (there’s never a shortage of stuff to add!). Friends and relatives love seeing an expectant mom and her “pregnancy glow” and round belly. A later shower could be a great distraction for the guest of honor who may be getting a bit nervous about her due date. This may go without saying, but don’t wait too long, or the baby may end up being the guest of honor, rather than her mom!

Other factors to consider:

1. Are you pregnant with multiples?

If you are pregnant with twins (or more), you will likely deliver earlier, and it is important to keep this in mind when planning a baby shower. Perhaps you’ll want to have the shower in the second trimester so that it doesn’t coincide with early labor.

2. Have you been experiencing complications during your pregnancy?

Similarly, if you have been put on bed rest or are experiencing pregnancy complications (such as preeclampsia), scheduling your shower earlier will help you stay relaxed and enjoy the festivities.

3. Are there any major holidays around the time you’re thinking of scheduling the shower?

You may want to take into account whether your baby shower timeframe coincides with any holidays. For some, Thanksgiving could be the perfect time when you know most of your family and friends will be together, while, for others, scheduling a shower around major holidays could mean more expensive traveling costs.

4. Are you having several baby showers?

If you are planning to have a shower with friends and family, and then a separate shower with co-workers, for instance, that may factor into your shower timing. Being the focus of attention is stressful for some so you may want to schedule them closer together to “get them over with” but allow for enough time so that you can adjust the registry between the two.

5. Would you prefer to have the shower after the baby has arrived?

There are a variety of reasons why some people may choose to wait until after the baby is born to throw a baby shower. Maybe it is a family tradition, or centers on your cultural or religious beliefs. Maybe you’re superstitious or just don’t want to have a shower until the baby is born or you’re waiting to find out the gender. Whatever your reasoning, it is perfectly fine to have a baby shower after the baby is born. There’s something to be said for allowing friends and family to get a peek at your creation while showering you with gifts!

It’s important to figure out when to have a baby shower, but don’t let the details bog you down. Remember that a baby shower is a fun and festive occasion to get your friends and family together, and maybe take away some of the burden of buying all those baby supplies. Make sure the people you really want to come are able to come, and get ready to enjoy your special day!

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When To Have A Baby Shower