Baby Shower Themes For Boys

11 Totally Cool Baby Shower Themes For Boys

There are so many cool baby shower themes for boys out there. See, my best friend has had three boys in a row, so I became sort of an expert on how to throw a boy baby shower! From whimsical to elegant, modern boy baby shower themes are all about getting really creative with what interests the mom-to-be (or parents, if you’re throwing a couple’s shower).  Does the mama-to-be love nature? We’ll show you how to create a woodsy event. (Yes, there’s an idea here for the glamping mama, too!). There’s also a sweet Peter Rabbit-theme baby shower, ideas for a whimsical nautical boy baby shower, and so much more.

Here’s something else: Baby shower themes for boys don’t have to follow a boring blue-and-white color scheme (we’re not talking about your mom’s baby shower here!). There are so many other colors that apply, from orange and cream to gold and green.

Check out these inspiring ideas for baby boy shower themes — and prepare to create an event everyone will remember!

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