15 Adorable Weekly Baby Bump Photo Ideas

When I had my first baby eight years ago, weekly baby bump photos weren’t really a thing. Maternity photos were the trend. Sometime during the second trimester, I planned a couple of cute flow-y dresses to wear, and one of my photog friends took pics of my big ole belly. We still have those pictures framed today, and they turned out so well. With my second baby, we ditched the professional shoot, and opted for candids. But today I’m surrounded by more and more images of moms-to-be who are capturing each week of their belly’s progress in creative ways. I’m not thinking about having a third baby, but it would be fun to do a month-to-month bump photo series.

Pregnancy is so unpredictable. Will you be nauseous? Probably, but not definitely. Will you carry high or low? Will your ankles swell, or stay surprisingly normal? There’s really no way to know what you’re pregnancy will be like until you’re in it. Even if you’ve been pregnant before, this time is bound to be different. The one constant of any healthy pregnancy is a growing baby bump. As your size and shape changes, it’s fun to document the changes each month. It’s amazing to know that you’re actually growing a person in there, right?!? I’ve had two babies, and I’m still like, “That’s crazy/miraculous!” Here, I’ve gathered up adorable weekly baby bump photo ideas to document your changing baby bump each month.

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