25 Stylish Irish Baby Names

Irish baby names are pretty darned popular. In fact, Celtic classics like Aiden and Liam have hit the top 50 in recent years. But, you don’t have to have a drop of Irish blood in order to appreciate (and use) one of these lovely baby names.


This top 200 boys’ pick has suddenly started seeing traction for girls as well. It became stylish after it was picked for Miranda’s son in Sex and the City.



Skip the Americanized Bridget and go with this lovely Irish spelling — and a name that means strength.


This is the traditional spelling of the more commonly used Keira, and means dark-haired.


If you’re dog lovers, this name is apropos: It means “lover of hounds.” It’s been hovering right around the top 50 for more than a decade.


Cormac is an underutilized Irish baby name means charioteer, and has author Cormac McCarthy to recommend it.


This surname name works well for boys and girls — though it’s currently far more popular for the ladies.


If you want to pay homage to a Donald without using that name, this could be your perfect pick.  The name means “dark,” and it’s currently stabilizing inside the top 300 names for boys.


One of the more traditional Irish names is this classic, the Gaelic form of Helen. After a long decline, it’s suddenly surging in popularity.


You can thank “Glee” for making this name uberpopular for boys (it was the name of the character played by the late Cory Monteith). Finn means “fair-haired,” and related names like Finnley and Finnegan are also on the rise.


While some moms are going for Finley for girls, I like Finola better as a way to get to that Finn nickname.


Here’s another more stylish variant on a stodgy classic:  You can pay homage to a Gerald in your family with this Irish pick.


Skip the more common Kieran with this pick, which means “little dark one.”


Killian means church, and it’s become a very popular baby name over the past five years; it’s just about to hit the top 500 in the U.S.


Liam, a Celtic variant on the classic William, has been vying for the top spot lately; it’s currently the second most popular baby name in the U.S. for boys.


Maeve has royal roots, thanks to its usage for a legendary Irish queen. It means “she who intoxicates,” and has been an up-and-coming name since the late1990s.


Yeah, some people may think you named your kid after that One Direction singer. But don’t let that get you down! This Irish variant of Neil has a lovely meaning: cloud.


This underutilized Irish name means golden princess, and was a significant name in Irish history, as the sister, daughter, and niece of legendary high king Brian Boru.


Quinn used to be squarely in the boys’ column, but thanks in part to the show “Glee,” it’s now one of the most popular Irish baby names for both sexes.


This Irish surname name can be used for either sex, as showcased by actress Rooney Mara.


A spritely unisex choice, Rory means red-haired. It’s the perfect pick for a baby ginger.


Harry Potter may have given this name a lift: It rose in popularity after J.K. Rowling’s magical tales were published.


Shane has a lot of Western swagger, thanks to the old cowboy film bearing the name. But it’s really an Irish baby name classic that means God is gracious.


This surname name means stately, and it’s been used equally for boys and girls.


Pronounced sheh-vahn, this is Ireland’s melodic take on Joan. It had a short run in the top 1000 during the late 1970s to early 1980s, but it’s currently under the radar.


This unisex pick means raider, and is currently more commonly used for girls. Add the “e” at the end if you’re paying homage to Ferris Bueller’s girlfriend.

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