10 Things That Are Impossible When You’re Super Pregnant

Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve been really trying to keep up with my workout routine. I’m a gym gal, usually about five or six days a week, and I wanted to be sure I kept that happening for these nine months to stay as active and fit as I could. And I’m proud of the time that I’ve put in at the gym during my pregnancy! These days, though, I’m finding that no matter how true I’ve been to my workout routine, towards the end of pregnancy some things are just going to be difficult and uncomfortable. And so, for your entertainment, here are 10 things that are all of a sudden way harder than they were last month. 


Getting up off the floor. This particular maneuver takes some skill. It also takes groaning, sighing, and a good 30 seconds sometimes.

Getting down onto the floor, for that matter. You might think that it’s easy to just plop on down there, but if I’m being real, I have to get on the floor and then readjust a few times to find that one seated position that’s comfortable.

Rolling over in bed. Suddenly all abdominal control or muscle tone has gone MIA and it takes a whole lot of concentration and coordination to get from my right side to my left. (Not to mention the feeling of the baby dropping from side to side as you flip over. Yikes.)

Putting on shoes. I have come to the conclusion that there’s just no easy way to do this for the next 8 weeks. Standing up, sitting down – it’s all difficult.

Doing the dishes. Because all of a sudden you just can’t get to the sink! The counters in my kitchen happen to be at the exact same height as my belly, so any dish washing gets done at arm’s length.

Hugging. Now when Ryan and I go in for a hug it’s either got to have the awkward forward lean, or come from the side. Neither is a great option.

Pulling up pants. Why is it so hard?! Maternity jeans are totally my jam when they’re already on my body, but pulling them up for some reason is the bane of my existence. 

Sitting at a desk. See: Doing the Dishes. 

Holding a box. Granted, maybe not everybody is buried in boxes during their eighth month of pregnancy, but since we’ve been moving it’s been brought to my attention that holding a box in front of you is just not feasible when you have a giant tummy.

Reaching down to pick something up. Yes, I can still touch the floor while I’m standing (without my knees bent, even). But do I want to? Absolutely not. 

Mamas, I’m all ears if you want to commiserate! What became really tough for you during the last months of pregnancy?

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