Maternity Fashion: Didn’t Wear It Before You Were Pregnant? Don’t Wear It Now

 I had so much fun with fashion when I was pregnant. I was actually the most confident body-wise while carrying my little guy. Curvy hips and bigger boobs, never hurt anyone, right? (Especially me, uh, size 34A!) I recently caught this clip on “The Juice.” Veria Living’s live audience talk show hosted maternity fashion expert Rosie Pope who made tons of awesome suggestions for dressing with baby on board. Check em out:

 1. The golden rule: If you didn’t wear it before you were pregnant, DON’T WEAR IT NOW.

And I totally agree. I never wore moos-moos or A-line anything because in general I don’t think those looks are flattering on my small-chest/big-butt body. I ended up buying one size up in flow-y shirts at Urban Outfitters and comfy cotton tees at Target. These days I sleep in the tees and those oversized tops from UO? Um, awesome summer coverups and totally chic, belted, with jeans.

2. Go for tighter fabric. It will accentuate your curves.

Heck yeah, Rosie. I loved wearing leggings and tees that hugged my bump. I wanted to show it off and I thought the basket ball belly look was super cute. I also picked up a bunch of fitted maxi-dresses. The stretchy fabric was not only super-comfy, but also accommodating as my belly grew … and grew. 

3. Be Confident! Wear what makes you feel good about yourself, because when you feel good, you look good!

I def splurged on designer maternity jeans as a treat to myself. The fit was so comfy and I got tons of use out of them even after I delivered and was losing the baby weight. Pregnant women in heels may look chic and if you can pull it off—go you! But I was all about comfort during my pregnancy: Flip flops, ballet flats, Nikes, Converse and Toms. I never wore heels. Also, black was best for me. The naturally slimming color always made me feel polished at the magazine office where I was working—even if I was in leggings and a fitted black sweater and bootie boots. 

Your turn! Share some pregnancy fashion tips and thanks Rosie, for yours! 

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