Did You Correctly Predict Your Baby’s Gender?

I don’t know if it’s because I went through my pregnancy single, with no doting guy at my side, but up until I found out the sex of my baby at the 20-week sonogram, I was certain I was having a little girl. I couldn’t imagine raising a boy without a dad in the house. Not to sound like a wuss, but I’m pretty girly-girl-GIRL. I channeled pink. I picked out a beautiful name: Mia Antoinette. I imagined a tiny version of me, painting little toenails, ballet lessons—the works. And when my little Mia got older, we’d be just like the Gilmore Girls—best friends who drank coffee and lived in a pie-smelling shabby-chic house and talked about boys and I’d dry her tears and the works!

Well my radar was off because at my 20-week sonogram the tech revealed: It’s a boy! And it was like Mia walked away to live with another single mother. I quickly rewired my brain, changing the name to a handsome and cool, Jack Domenic, buying a tiny denim jacket and re-thinking that grey and pale pink nursery, to brown and lime green. And from the moment I found out I was having a son, my son, I fell even more in love with him.


Seven years later, we play baseball, look for frogs in ponds, and both get dirt under our fingernails—well, him more than me. My son brought out a side of me I didn’t really knew existed. I love our adventures together, watching football on TV with him and going to Yanks games, cannon-balling into the pool, talking about slime and goo, building epic Lego towers and playing superheros among the lightening bugs on warm summer nights—and of course this is stuff that girls do too—girls can do anything boys can do! But my approach to raising a girl, the little ghost, Mia, was more of how I was raised and based on my interests as a child: dance, dolls, tea parties!

Unlike, my, ahem, wishful thinking intuition, there are actually moms out there who can really tell the sex they are carrying before they find out. Take actress Alyssa Milano who just knew she was having a baby girl—and yes, guys, she was so right! In the new issue of Fit Pregnancy she says: “I had morning sickness this time, but it went away right at 12 weeks. With Milo, I didn’t have a minute of morning sickness. So I knew it was going to be a girl.” Milo is the beloved Who’s The Boss Actress’s first born boy, so I guess she had something to go on. Still, way to call Milano! 

What about you? Were you able to correctly predict the sex of your baby?