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Sesame Street Launches 53rd Season

On November 3rd, Sesame Street will launch it’s 53rd season on Cartoonito on HBO Max. New episodes, of the 35 episode season, will be released every Thursday. Season 53 will continue to be available on PBS Stations and stream on PBS Kids beginning fall of 2023.

“As with every new season, our goal is to deepen connections with families by creating unique and dynamic ways for them to engage with Sesame Street,” said Sal Perez, Executive Producer, Sesame Street. “Season 53 continues our tradition of meeting the needs of kids today with authentic, meaningful content while keeping them learning, laughing, and singing along. This season, both beloved and new friends will model the power of relationships and show the many ways we are all connected and belong in our families and communities.”


The theme of season 53 will be helping kids develop healthy self-identity and sense of belonging. The stories will focus on celebrating diversity and embracing our similarities.

“We know that when young children develop a positive and healthy sense of self and identity, they are better able to flourish and develop to their fullest potential,” said Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, Sesame Workshop’s Senior Vice President of Curriculum & Content. “This season’s curriculum is woven through stories that highlight positive self-identity and encourage us to treat each other with kindness, fairness, and respect.”

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Season 53 will feature episodes like: Happy Hair Day (where Elmo and his friends celebrate their unique hair), Family Album (where Gabrielle and Tamir work on a family photo album and notice that some family members look alike and other look different) and Fans of the Fan Dance (in which Ji-Young teaches her friends about the Korean fan dances. This season will also include appearances by famous friends like: Amber Ruffin, Brett Goldstein, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and more.

On December 1, join Elmo and Tango for their first holiday special, The Nutcracker: Starring Elmo and Tango. This 30-minute feature is a celebration of friendship.

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