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7 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly School Supplies

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It’s not always easy being green, but it’s more important than ever. And, in case I forget, the kids are always reminding me of our too-big carbon footprint. My eight-year-old keeps Greta Thunberg quotes on her bulletin board and just a few years ago, my older daughter’s school staged a sit-in at our local Brooklyn courthouse to urge Mayor De Blasio to ban plastic straws in New York. It worked.

Needless to say, I’m shopping differently these days and specifically when it comes to the annual back-to-school supply list. I’m favoring sustainable, eco-friendly school supplies or products from companies that give back. And, while some of these must-haves can only be purchased online from bespoke sites like Etsy, there are lots of school supplies on both kids’ lists that are readily available at major retailers like Target and Amazon. If you’d rather shop local, many mom-and-pop shops now carry sustainable brands too.



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