Mealtime Fun

However, perhaps a few items for some mealtime fun will do the trick. Interactive dinnerware and utensils, whimsical straws, and even cool lunchbox accessories are just a few ingredients for eating success.

Here is a round-up of unique products for mealtime fun.

Back to basics

Several children’s companies are turning to tried-and-true materials, such as wood and metal, to create unique bowls and other vessels for mealtime fun – they’re sturdy, stylish, and easy to clean. We’re big fans of the nkuku stainless steel bowls available through Ava’s Appletree. They’re so pretty and they are hand-painted with non-toxic paints that have been certified to be safe for food. Available in light blue, navy blue, red, and green.

Hang on slurpy

Kids love straws, but these do-dads from Fred, who are notorious for clever and outside-the-box home products, go above and beyond (or below). Called Drink Divers, there are two designs per package (one with a deep-sea diver and the other with a cheery blue dolphin), and children will love plunging them below the surface and then surrounding them in bubbles (which the kiddies will blow, of course). You’ve never seen your fussy eater down a glass of milk so quickly.

The art of eating

This is perhaps more of a gift for mom because it makes feeding a baby or toddler so much easier, but children love the bold colours and curvy design of the Skip Hop Palette Plate from Rockpretty Baby too. Shaped like an artist’s paint palette, there are three drop-in bowls that are microwave-safe and fit right into the plate for easy serving.

In the bag!

It can be pretty difficult to get your kids to eat their lunches at school – you’re not there to monitor them and, quite often, your star student comes home with half their uneaten meal still in their lunchbox. However the funky reusable lunch bags from Heritage House, a Canadian company that specializes in eco-friendly products, are the perfect way to encourage healthy snacking and lunching as well as save Mother Earth from the added garbage of disposable sandwich bags.

Photo: Drink Divers from FRED

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