14 Sweet DIY Dollhouse Ideas to Inspire Pretend Play

DIY dollhouses are about the cutest trend on the parenting circuit right now and I am literally bursting with the anticipation of starting one with my own daughters this year. I’ll never forget the joy and pride of working on my own childhood DIY dollhouse with my dad — picking out paint colors, watching him assemble the details on the front porch, and of course, setting up tiny rooms that resembled the real ones in our home.

It turns out anything can be turned into a dollhouse, from a tin and a suitcase to a bookshelf or a pile of shoeboxes. You can also buy a bare-bones DIY dollhouse kit and let that be the starting point of your master creation. Dollhouse decor can range from boho to mod and farmhouse to glam and there’s design inspiration out there for any direction you and your little ones want to take.

Have a rainy afternoon and some basic craft supplies on hand? Or, feeling super pumped to scour the web and create the dollhouse of their dreams? Get busy with some DIY dollhouse ideas that range from sweet and simple to full-on masterpieces:

More DIY Projects to Inspire Pretend Play:

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14 Sweet DIY Dollhouse Ideas to Inspire Pretend Play








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