DIY Backyard Games for Kids and Adults

Summer is halfway over where I live, and I still find myself looking for ideas for my kids nearly every single day. I’m all about sending my kids outside and letting them find some fun for themselves. Sometimes they love just playing in the yard with their siblings, and sometimes they need a little more direction.  DIY backyard games are the perfect solution. Since we spend a lot of time at home in the summer, we’re always looking for some fun ideas to get us outside and into the fresh air. Plus, having other kids over to play backyard games always makes the fun last longer (and keeps the kids occupied longer).

Kids aren’t the only ones that want to play outside in the summer. I love ideas that can involve the whole family. Because family activities are also what summer is about, right? So, I decided to round up some DIY backyard games that are perfect for both kids and adults.

Looking for some fun backyard games to play at your next barbecue or party? From a giant Jenga and a human ring toss to an oversized checker game and a DIY cornhole game, these activities will make your backyard a family destination:



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