DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Santa Bag for Under $10

I love Pottery Barn, and if I could shop the home decor retailer every day, all day, I would. Needless to say, I was thrilled to receive the holiday catalog in the mail. I made a cup of tea and shopped from the comfort of my couch. A page in the catalog titled Waiting for Santa caught my eye. Why? It had a photo of adorable Santa bags under a beautifully lit Christmas tree. These personalized bags retail for $79. Math has never been my strong suit, but $79 x 3 is not in my wrapping budget this year. Plus, the gift inside the Santa bag is not included.

Brilliant ideas are born from inspiration and need, and since we need to have Santa bags under the tree this year, I came up with a DIY Pottery Barn inspired Santa bag hack that you can whip up on your own for less than $10. The recipients will love it, and your credit card bill will, too.



Step 1: Purchase the Santa bag label for $5 on Etsy. It’s available for instant download and can be printed as many times as you want.


Step 2: Print the label on iron-on transfer paper and follow directions on the packaging to iron on the label.


Step 3: Write the name of the recipient on the pillowcase with a Sharpie marker. 


Step 4: Fill the bag with a special gift (or gifts) and use twine or a ribbon to wrap a bow around the extra fabric on top. 


Step 5: Place under the tree. 


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