Kids and Christmas Trees

We spent most of Saturday decorating our Christmas treee. As I type, I can look at the lit tree and see exactly how tall my children are because almost all of the ornaments stop about three feet up.


In other words, eye level.

For Christmases past, I’ve enjoyed our tree with its hodgepodge of ornaments tied together with dangling crystals, silver framed mirrors, and silver and white frosted ball ornaments.

Typically, I pull out all the ornaments, place the “plain” ones on first, filling in the back and adding depth. Then I have the kids help me put out the “special” ornaments – handprints, commemorative, handmade. The result is a tree that is somewhat coordinated, but mostly even.

I spent a few years in retail. I understand the concept of tree decorating and know myself well enough to know there has to be a plan behind the seemingly random placement of the ornaments.

This year, however, I was sick all weekend.

Being sick, I didn’t have the energy to organize the ornaments when the box was placed on the floor in front of me. I was too busy sneezing.

And I didn’t have the time to direct the children in perfect ornament placement. I was too busy blowing my nose.

Still, when it was all said and done, I looked at the tree and there it was, lopsided and bottom heavy after the kids got a hold of it.

A little like me.

I thought I might go over it after they went to bed and “fix” it.

Then I realized it was perfect just as it is.

Have you decorated your tree yet?