31 Chic Thanksgiving Table Decor Projects to Delegate to Your Kids

I love this time of year. It feels like magic to me. The days are getting shorter, there is a nice chill in the air, and there are more gatherings with friends and family. I especially love Thanksgiving day, because my family always gets together and my son can hang out with his cousins and uncles. My mom usually hosts Thanksgiving dinner. When she does, whether the gathering is large or small, the table is always gorgeous and welcoming.

I love the feeling of a handmade Thanksgiving tablescape, but hate how much time it takes to craft everything up. The easiest solution is to get my son and his cousins involved in putting it all together. But kid-crafted Thanksgiving decor doesn’t have to look homely. These virtually impossible-to-screw-up Thanksgiving table crafts are easy enough for kids to make, but chic enough for adults to enjoy.

Find a slew of gorgeous Thanksgiving table decor projects that kids can execute in the slideshow.

More Thanksgiving Tablescapes:

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