DIY Father’s Day Gift Idea: Make a Wood Burned Sign Using Dad’s Favorite Quote


This year is my husband’s first Father’s Day! I want to do about a zillion different things for him to celebrate this first one. This little project popped to mind because he’s always zooming our little dude around the house in his arms—my mom says our son is going to think he can fly. But the little guy just loves it and loves being in Dad’s arms. So I made this little wood burned door hanger to commemorate the occasion. Here’s how to make your own DIY wood burned signs!




Step 1: Print out our “Fly Me to the Moon” template, or print out your own image or quote.


Step 2: Cut out a small piece of the blue chacopaper. Cut out your words as well. Lay the words over the chacopaper and tape both to the balsa wood where you’d like them to appear. Be sure that the words are level and centered.

Step 3: With the pencil, firmly trace around all the letters. The pressure will make the color from the chacopaper adhere to the wood. Once all your letters are traced, remove the papers and you should have an outline of your design.


Step 4: Carefully use your wood burning tool to trace the letters left on the wood by the chacopaper. Use a slow, steady hand.


Step 5: Once all your letters are traced, add any embellishments that you might like.


Step 6: Use the wood burning tool to burn a hole at either side of the top of the wood.


Step 7: Loop a short length of cord through the two holes and knot the ends. That’s it! Give it to your favorite dad this Father’s Day!

fly-me-to-the-moon-woodburn-door-sign4 fly-me-to-the-moon-woodburn-door-sign-hanging 

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