30 Epic Duct Tape DIY Projects


Duct tape is no longer just a silver adhesive used for sealing air ducts. It has grown into a booming business of colorful patterned tape materials that you can use for any number of projects. Anything is possible with duct tape—fun accessories, art projects…it might even save your life one day.

Here’s a roundup of 30 awesome DIY projects you can do with duct tape today!


1. DIY Gold Napkin Rings

These super chic napkin rings are nothing but a strip of cardboard and some metallic gold duct tape.

See the project at Almost Makes Perfect.


2. DIY Duct Tape Earrings

You can make these in any shape you please. And with the range of patterns and colors available, the possibilities are endless. 

See the project at 30 Minute Crafts.


3. DIY Duct Tape Belt

Who needs a fancy leather belt from the store? You can make your own for just the cost of a couple of D rings. Plus, this pattern will go perfectly with your Vans shoes from the ’90s.

See the project at Crafty Soccer Mom.


4. DIY Duct Tap Purses

There are plenty of ideas out there for duct tape purses, but this tutorial is by far the clearest and will make you the strongest and sturdiest bag you can imagine.

See the project at All Things Thrifty.


5. Duct Tape Chess Set

Stuck at home with nothing to do? Make yourself your own board game with some colored tape and pipe cleaners.

See the project at Instructables.


6. DIY Duct Tape Sit-Upons

These padded cushions work great for backyard picnics, camping trips, and cushioning the bleachers at a baseball game. They will even work as gardening kneelers.

See the project at Kapers, Cookies, and Campfires.


7. DIY Duct Tape Playmat

Use your duct tape to create a map of a city for your kids to drive their Hot Wheels on. The tape acts as the road, and you can add all sorts of fun items to make a small town.

See the project at Creative Soul Spectrum.


8. DIY Duct Tape Hammock

Need a place to lounge, but don’t want to spend big bucks on a hammock? Make one out of duct tape and save yourself the cost. Could be a great temporary bed for a camping trip, or a way to test out where a hammock might fit in your own yard.

See the project at Instructables.


9. Duct Tap Masks

Perfect for a Halloween costume, a masquerade ball, or just playing superheroes with the kiddos, these little duct tape masks are adorable and super easy to make.

See the project at Killer B Designs.


10. Duct Tape Water Bottle Labels

Everyone hates having generic water bottles at their party. Spruce up your beverage station by replacing the labels with some fun tape!

See the project at Formal Fringe.

Keep going to see more projects!

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