51 Awesome DIY Wine Racks You Can Make Right Now

Figuring out how to store wine in our house was a tricky ordeal. We wanted to make our bottles accessible but we also wanted to protect them. We’re not lucky enough to have a dedicated wine cellar or fridge, so I made it my mission to put together a good DIY wine rack in our kitchen. Who knew that the DIY wine rack projects and tutorials were so abundant? We had a hard time narrowing down which we’d make, but in the end, pulled together a combination of wood and rope to make a pretty slick wine rack for our kitchen. 

Here are some excellent DIY wine racks from around the web. Most are super simple—you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of these ideas on your own. It’s time to get those bottles of wine out of their dusty boxes and displayed in the house…because we all need easier access to wine. Check out the projects in the slideshow.

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