[FREE PRINTABLE] Pottery Barn Hack: DIY Faux Bois Candles

With the weather reaching frigid temps, there’s no hope for actually going outside for long periods of time. Being stuck indoors so much, I like to bring pieces of the outdoors inside, like displaying leaves my daughter has collected outside in a shadowbox. But sometimes it’s just the look of outside that will do it for me! Faux bois, which is the fancy French name for “fake wood,” elements help your decor feel like it’s part of nature without being made of natural materials. I saw some pretty Birch Wax Pillar Candles at Pottery Barn, and wanted to hack the look at home.  Here’s how I did it:




Step 1: Cut out a piece of tissue paper to match the size of your printer paper (i.e., 8.5″ x 11″). Gently tape it to the printer paper. Feed your paper into the printer so that it will print on the tissue paper side. 

Step 2: Select a wood pattern to print out (choose from Wood Pattern A, Wood Pattern B, Wood Pattern C), and print it on the tissue paper on the highest quality setting. 

Step 3: Measure the height of the candle. Cut the tissue paper/printer paper to that height. 


Step 4: Wrap the tissue paper around the candle and mark the length, then cut it with a small overlapping piece.


Step 5: Gently tape the tissue paper to the candle at the top and bottom.

Step 6: Using the hair dryer on its lowest setting, slowly melt the tissue paper on to the candle. You’ll be able to see it melting as the paper turns color as the wax melts through it. 

Step 7: Continue melting the candle until all of the paper is attached! Then put your new faux bois candles out for display!


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