[Free Printables] DIY Wood Blocks from Petit Collage

This beautiful DIY project comes from my friend Lorena Siminovich, founder of the iconic kids’ brand Petit Collage. It’s a perfect holiday gift to make with kids! These custom DIY wood blocks are a perfect keepsake for play and display, and they’re so easy to customize with a child’s name.

The printables include templates with all of Petit Collage’s classic motifs, plus a full alphabet.

(P.S. Petit Collage is turning TEN! Wish them a happy birthday on Instagram!)

Petit Collage DIY



Step 1: Gently sand away the rough edges from the wood blocks. Use as many or as few blocks as you’d like, depending on the name you’d like to spell.

Petit Collage DIY

Step 2: Coat the exterior of each block with decoupage glue. Allow to dry.

Petit Collage DIY

Step 3: Using the template, cut out all alphabet, apple, bird, boat, crown, heart, tree, sun, and clover pieces from any decorative papers you choose. Using your hole punch, punch out 3 “jewels” to sit above the points of the crown shape. Have fun mixing and matching colors and patterns.

Petit Collage DIY

Step 4: Apply the paper shapes to the blocks using decoupage glue. Allow to dry. Draw in the bird eyes using permanent marker.

Petit Collage DIY

Step 5: Apply a final protective coat of decoupage glue to the entire surface of the blocks. Allow to dry.

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