DIY Vase Decal Craft

This is a really easy and fun way to spruce up your vase without changing it permanently. Make one for an upcoming special event or party, or gift it to your mom this Mother’s Day! Or keep it for yourself, I won’t tell. The great thing about this vase decal craft is you can customize the vase for a special day and change it back the next day. For those of us who may have a hard time with change. 


  • Vase
  • Contact paper, color of your choice
  • Circle hole punch



Step 1: Using your circle hole punch, turn it upside down and punch out a bunch of circles with the contact paper. Why upside down, you ask? Because it comes out cleaner and you can see where you are punching!


Step 2: Once you have your circles, carefully peel off the paper backing to each one and place it in whatever design or pattern you like on your vase. I went for the sporadic look. 


Step 3: Add your favorite (or your mom’s favorite) bunch of flowers and enjoy!


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