DIY Colorblock Earrings

Colorblock Earrings Craft


  • wood discs (in whatever size you think would look great on Mom)
  • paint in two colors
  • foam brush
  • strong glue
  • earring backs

DIY Colorblock Earrings - Materials


Step 1: Paint the base color onto the wooden discs with the foam brush.

Colorblock Earrings - Step 1

Step 2: After the first coat is dry, you are ready to colorblock! You can either paint the second color on with the brush, or you can do what I did and simply dip the discs into the second paint color! Use the brush to remove the excess paint.

Colorblock Earrings - Step 2

Step 3: Once the discs are completely dry (I suggest holding them by the already dry part until they are dry), it’s time to turn them into earrings! Glue the earring backs on to the back of the discs. Let them dry for about an hour before moving them. Wrap them up and gift them! They’ll be a hit for sure.

Colorblock Earrings - Step 3

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