Polka Dot Tote DIY Craft

Polka-Dot Tote Craft


  • fabric paint (in any colors you choose)
  • foam brush
  • 1 sheet cardboard (that can fit inside the tote bag)
  • circle punch
  • small piece flimsy cardboard (from a cracker or cereal box)
  • plain canvas or cloth tote bag

Polka Dot Tote DIY Craft - Materials


Step 1: Punch a hole in your flimsy cardboard using your circle hole punch. You may have to put some weight into it!

Polka Dot Tote DIY Craft - Step 1

Step 2: Insert your sheet of cardboard into the tote to keep the paint from seeping through to the back and onto your table.

Step 3: Place your flimsy cardboard circle over an area on the tote and use your fingers to hold the cardboard in place. Put a little paint on the brush and paint away! Dab the paint brush instead of blobbing or swishing; this will prevent drips. Let kids choose their own pattern to pain the polka dots. Do one color first, and then switch to other colors if you want!

Polka Dot Tote DIY Craft - Step 2 Polka Dot Tote DIY Craft - Step 3A

Step 4: Let it dry and you’re done! Give it to Mom as a special gift.

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