Creative Gift Wrap

Creative Gift-Giving Ideas

Watercolor Gift Tags

Watercolor Gift Tag DIY

Easy to make, these gorgeous paper gift tags require a few steps to make your present extra colorful.

Learn how to make Watercolor Gift Tags here.


Polka Dot Wrapping Paper

Polka Dot Wwraping Paper DIY

Not only does this add a whimsical quality to your gift, this is a fun DIY you can do with your kids. Your little ones will be thrilled to participate in holiday gift-giving.

Learn how to make Polka Dot Wrapping Paper here.


Chalkcloth Gift Tags

Chalkcloth Gift Tags DIY

Perfectly customizeable, these are easy to make, and easy to fix if you mess up, so give the kids free reign on this one. You can even make badges or necklaces instead in addition gift tags if you’re feeling really creative.

Learn how to make Chalkcloth Gift Tags here.


Last-Minute Gift Wrap Ideas

Last-Minute Gift Wrap Ideas

Only got a few hours left until it’s time to give? Try one of these super simple gift wrap ideas that will give your gift a personal touch in very few steps. You can spruce up brown paper or customize a gift bag with our tips.

Get the Last-Minute Gift Wrap Tips here.


Stitched Wrapping Paper

Stitiched Wrapping Paper DIY

A super cute way to add some style to boring brown paper.

Learn how to make Stitched Wrapping Paper here.


Chalkboard Gift Tags

Chalkboard Goft Tags DIY

Super cool, easy to make chalkboard gift tags make your messgae personal.

Learn how to make Chalkboard Gift Tags here.


Crayon Chip Wrapping Paper

Crayon Chip Wrapping Paper DIY

is a colorful way to design your own beautiful wrapping paper.

Learn how to make Crayon Chip Wrapping Paper here.





Want more holiday DIY ideas?

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