DIY: Polka Dot Dish Towel

With this simple tutorial, you can make several towels in a variety of colors and patterns in a matter of minutes!


What You’ll Need:

– Dish Towel (I used flour sack towels)

– Fabric Paint

– Foam Brush

– Iron

– Paper Punch

To get the paint to apply evenly, I ironed the towel before hand. Flour sack towels are pretty wrinkly, but you might not need to iron with a tea towel of sorts.

Use your hole punch and cardboard to create a stencil. I used a circle (obviously) but wouldn’t a triangle punch be fun?

Place the stencil, hold it in place and start painting!

Go to town with the dots! You can do any design really, but isn’t the polka dots so cheery and fun?

And you’re done! You could also wrap a fresh loaf of bread or cookies in the towel and give it to a new neighbor as a house warming gift!


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