DIY: Art That Even Your Kids Can Do

It provides a bold accent to a room – simply by hanging it on an empty wall.  If you would like to add a piece to your walls but feel it is too pricey or you can’t paint like Picasso to make your own, look no further than the ideas I have gathered here.  All are so easy that even your kids can help you create them.  Not only are all these ideas inexpensive to make, but you can customize the colors to your color scheme. 

Photo above is an artist canvas that was covered with colorful printed tissue paper and Mod Podge.  In My Own Style

Spunky Junky painted shoebox lids using painters tape to create the chevron pattern on each.  She then simply hung them on a wall gallery style to create quite an impact.

Blu Kat Kraft created this masterpiece that looks like it could be hanging in the Museum of Modern Art. She used string, Mod Podge, Gesso, and paint. 

Two Girls Being Crafty
were also quite thrifty when they created this fabulous canvas using paint chips that they cut out into a leaf shape. They glued the shapes in a repeating pattern on the canvas.

The Lettered Cottage
hung a wood pallet on the wall and stenciled favorite sayings on it.

Salvage Love simply painted wood scraps in lots of fun colors and attached them to a piece of plywood to create a one of a kind piece of art like no other. 

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