DIY: Oilcloth Tablecloth

The look is nostalgic and with it’s rise in popularity, the possibility of finding a print that incorporates with your outdoor festivities is guaranteed.



  • (for a 6 foot banquet table)
  • 3 yards oilcloth   {source}
  • 9 yards jumbo ric-rac with matching thread
  • Large dinner palte
  • Sewing machine and supplies


1.  Take your dinner place and place it face down on one corner of the oilcloth.  Meet the edges of the plate to the edges of the tablecloth to get your radius.  Draw a pen mark and cut the radius.  Repeat with the other three corners,


2.  Starting on one long edge, place your ric-rac on the raw edge of the oilcloth and leaving about a 2″ tail begin sewing with a straight stitch.  You need to leave the 2″ free  in order to get a nice clean finish at the end.

3.  Keep the ric-rac even with the edge of the oilcloth.  On the back side your stitching will be anywhere between 1/4″ and 1/8″ from the edge.  If you run off the oilcloth, that’s ok.  Just find where you started to run off, and begin at that point again.  Oilcloth is very forgiving and doesn’t fray!

4.  When you get all the way back to your starting point, turn the ric-rac under along with the beginning tail and stitch together

Here is what the underside will look like

Throw on a table and enjoy your new, care-free tablecloth that will last for years to come.  Try using blanket binding or pom-pom trim for even more fun!

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